From engineering and design through final inspection and training, we can help achieve your safety objectives.

Safe site access increases worker productivity and improves maintenance cycles of plant equipment. We design, engineer, and install a broad range of safety systems for buildings, transportation, and machines such as:

  • Access platforms, railings, and catwalks
  • Gangways and inspection systems for transportation, equipment, and aircraft
  • Horizontal lifelines, anchors, and fall restraint installation
  • Skylight and hatch guarding
  • Rooftop fall protection
  • Escape systems
  • HVAC and machine access

HVAC Safety

HVAC equipment presents unique hazards to maintenance personnel. Understanding equipment construction, access, code criteria and operating requirements is critical to both new and retrofit applications. We specialize in:

  • Safe access systems
  • Sound and vibration attenuation
  • Air and water hygiene
  • Gas monitoring
  • Davits and rigging assemblies
  • Custom access hatches and doors
  • Machine guarding

Area and Process Enclosures

We design safety enclosures and barriers to separate incompatible work functions and minimize sound, temperature and particulate hazards. Solutions include:

  • Custom curtain enclosures
  • Automated barriers
  • Modular cell enclosures
  • Curtain wall and total enclosure systems
  • Assembly line conveyor enclosures
  • Environmental separation curtains for weld, spark, and flash hazards
  • Perimeter guarding enclosures for robotic processes

Fume, Dust, and Water Filtration

Our custom and pre-engineered filtration systems remove environmental contaminants at the source. Solutions include:

  • Filter walls and environmental booths
  • Industrial air cleaners
  • Ductless filtration systems
  • Portable fume collection units
  • Skid-mounted mobile systems
  • Dust collection
  • Water filtration for hydronic and process applications

Sound and Vibration Solutions

Vibration and elevated sound levels may reduce the lifespan of plant equipment and negatively impact joint occupants. These issues are often overlooked and the negative impacts might not manifest for several years. Addressing sound and vibration issues up-front can benefit worker efficiency and safety, and protect the long-term health of employees. We offer the following sound and vibration services:

  • Investigation and testing
  • Custom sound attenuation for HVAC and machine applications
  • Vibration isolation design and retrofit
  • Sound enclosures

Environmental Hygiene Testing and Solutions

Environmental Hygiene issues may affect both human health and mechanical systems. These issues are often interrelated as poor equipment conditions or design deficiencies may affect building occupants downstream. Our team will assist with data collection and observations related to environmental air and water systems. We also support environmental hygienists with the evaluation of mechanical systems and potential causal factors. Our reports address both findings and mechanical recommendations for improvement. Solutions may include:

  • Design and control revisions
  • Mechanical revisions
  • Air and water filtration
  • Fume extraction and dust removal
  • HVAC and control retrofits
  • Duct rehabilitation and refurbishment
  • Maintenance access and protocol revisions
  • Specialized air and water filtration
  • Specialized cleaning using approved protocol
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