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Boeing AHU Demo and Replacement

Replace  field constructed central air handling system serving 50,000 sq. ft. Boeing Commercial Airplane Group construction management & engineering personnel. The mechanical penthouse is located on roof of 17-12 Building high bay factory structure imposing significant demands on the work. Due to the remote location of the mechanical penthouse & weights of equipment all hoisting to the work location was performed with a 275-ton crane. Temporary air conditioning system were provided to allow for continuous occupancy of the facility during construction. The temporary equipment was installed on field constructed multi-tiered steel structures gravity loaded on the building structure. The work performed included: traffic control; hoisting & rigging; temporary power & air conditioning; abatement; demolition; architectural; repair penthouse building envelop; structural foundations for the new motor control center & air handling unit; floor coatings; hoist new motor control center & air handling unit manufactured in one to two tons sections through temporary opening in penthouse roof & rig into place; roofing; construct new ductwork; electrical; chilled & hot water piping; plumbing; insulate new work; sprinklers; upgrade building energy management control system; commissioning.

Temporary AHU structural,   Temporary AHU set 1 of 2, Temporary AHU connections, Hand demo of existing AHU, MCC panel, Evening crane operations, AHU platform epoxy and structural, New Huntair AHU 1 0f 7 sections,  Hand rigging sections into place, AHU module assembly, Duct section pre-assembly