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Electron Flume: Puget Sound Energy

  • Performed study, design, engineering and fabrication of deployable platforms with removable ladders to facilitate safe access from rail equipment to flume box sidewalls.
  • Platforms were designed for low profile and to accommodate  variance in flume radius and framing spacing as well as potential impact form equipment.

Developed prototype  for testing . Several systems are now in use on flume.

  • System designed custom platforms with integral ladder connections using Solid works computer modeling software.
  • Aluminum and stainless custom fabrication with sliding  clamps  and hardware . Stainless  cables  connect  hardware  to prevent loss  during deployment.

Platform testing

  • Platform must accommodate  overhanging  obstructions from passing equipment
  • 4 clamp connections connect the platform to the structure. Two are located under the removable grating insert.
  • When not in use the walkthroughs are removable to allow for passing equipment.
  • Personnel are on retractable lifelines mounted from deployment