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Commercial Air Conditioning System -2601 Elliott Ave

Result:   Over $500,000 in savings over replacement

Scope Overview:

This 328,000 sq. ft. early 1900’s structure was converted to commercial use in 1998. The building is divided into north & south condenser water loops served by rooftop fluid coolers equipped with duplex pumps. Conditioned air is supplied by (2) water-cooled air-conditioning units centrally located on each floor. This work is being performed as a multi-year facility infrastructure energy efficiency & reliability improvements project. The project comprises

Repair & upgrade of the fluid coolers, duplex pump systems and air conditioning units. In addition to casing & structural repairs, the fluid coolers were upgraded with new fan assemblies, variable frequency drives, basin heaters, & water level controls. The condenser water system sequence of operation was optimized & retro-commissioned for variable speed pumping. Except for the retaining the OEM fan wheels all other mechanical, refrigeration & electrical components of the air conditioning units are being replaced. The new components for all units have been standardized to achieve improved energy efficiency & to reduce life cycle maintenance expenses. Integration with & commissioning of all systems via the building energy management system is being performed.