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Hi Rise Cooling Tower and Air Handler Restoration

Result:  Increase equipment lifecycles, operational flexibility improvements, reduced replacement expense  

Scope Summary

Cooling Towers

Performed complete mechanical restoration and revisions to existing cooling tower located on elevated structural in roof mechanical room. Work included cell revisions to allow for independent cell operation and maintenance during partial cell operation. Work included  

  • Isolation of cells for independent operation
  • Return piping revisions
  • Custom internal weir box revisions
  • Make up piping
  • Fan assembly replacement including motors, fans, shafts and wheels
  • Complete interior coatings and lining installation
  • Fill and drift eliminator replacement
  • Distribution revisions
  • Vale installations


Air Handler Scope

Performed coil replacement and lower casing replacement on 7 custom primary air handlers ranging in size form 60,000CFM to approximately 200,000CFM. Coils were stacked in 5 levels with largest over 20’ long weighing several thousand Lbs.  Work was phased to perform on evening shift with equipment to remain operational during occupied hours.


Work included

  • Structural and Mechanical engineering
  • Structural coil shoring and demolition
  • Piping and valve modifications
  • Removal of bottom casing sections and replacement with stainless steel casings and drain pans
  • Rigging and shoring
  • Installation of lower coil sections  
  • Start up and testing