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Sanuvair S300

Air Disinfection Unit with HEPA Filter

Ideal for buildings that want to improve their air quality, such as retail spaces, classrooms, schools, offices or locker rooms.
The Sanuvair® S300 disinfects and captures airborne contaminants, odors and particles using a stand-alone unit. It has a four-step air cleaning process:

1. Mold, virus and bacteria are pulled past a J-shaped dual wavelength lamp parallel to airflow inside an aluminum reflection chamber, for maximum UVC disinfection of airborne contaminants.
2. Odors and VOCs are eliminated via photo-oxidation.
3. A MERV 8 pre-filter captures large particles.
4. A HEPA final filter captures 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micron and larger.
The Sanuvair® S300 is the most versatile unit Sanuvox offers with its various installation options.

Sanuvair S300

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