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Hawk Environmental

Hawk Multi Pro Air Scrubber

Portable HEPA & MERV Air Scrubber

Keep any air space clean with the flip of a switch.The Air Scrubber can be configured in the field, without tools, to provide high air flow multistage HEPA filtration, combination HEPA/activated carbon for simultaneous particulate and V.O.C. removal. The Air Scrubber can also feature an industry leading dedicated carbon canister for heavy V.O.C. challenges holding 22 lbs (10kgs) of activated carbon that can be specially selected to best handle your specific application. Our Perfect Seal® 360 cylindrical HEPA filter provides up to 25% more surface area than competitor filters, resulting in longer filter life and fewer filter changes. One machine, toolless access, multiple solutions.

Self -Contained Portable Air Scrubber including

HEPA filtration, MERV pleated filters and activated carbon to remove airborne contaminants

Hawk Multi Pro Air Scrubber

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