We perform a range of design-build fabrication services at our headquarters in Seattle. Our shop includes a 7.5-ton overhead crane, and two one-ton cranes. Our sheet metal equipment is capable of up to 10-gauge fabrication. We also possess the capability to stage equipment for assembly and inspection prior to jobsite installation.

Mechanical Systems

  • Steam and chilled water coil banks and racks
  • Steam humidifier grids and racks
  • Damper bank assemblies and actuators
  • Direct fire line burner assemblies and profile plates
  • Process filtration systems
  • Special use storage and containment
  • Specialty process ventilation skids
  • Temporary cooling and heat rejection packages
  • Skid-mounted and mobile systems

Sheet Metal and Duct

  • Custom aluminum and stainless weather hoods
  • Custom sheet metal duct systems up to 10-gauge
  • Moisture eliminators
  • Inlet screens assemblies and pre-filters
  • Filter banks for building and process applications
  • Collection hoods and duct systems
  • Process and equipment enclosures
  • PVC tank line hood and duct fabrication, installation and modification
  • Stainless steel drain pans and related support structures

Equipment and Components

  • Air handler access doors, casings and perforated metal liners
  • Air handler structural and component assemblies
  • Integral motor and equipment rigging assemblies
  • Equipment pre assembly, knock down and field erection

Safety Systems

  • Fall protection
  • Catwalks, ladders and railings
  • Equipment davits and lifting assemblies
  • Enclosures and process separation
  • Fume extraction
  • Sound attenuation enclosures
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